Juan Araujo

govi rider Brazil

govi rider

Juan started to catch wave 10 years ago on the beach nearby his home . He always liked the sport since he was a child. His preferred place for surfing is the beach of Itapuama, Recife. In his local surfing area, there’s a fairly busy beach with surfers from all ages practicing and perfecting their skills. The waves there are great and have many tubes.


govi rider
When we asked Juan what “Surf Quest” means to him, he says, “The search for perfect waves to surfing”. His surfing idol is Kelly Slater. For him, Slater is the best in history; great surfing style, very impressive skills and maneuvers.

Juan’s best surfing memory was when he caught his first wave in surfing. It was a very striking day for him, the best feeling that ever felt. The peace, joy, and vibe of the wave which he would never forget. He imagines the future of surfing would attractive many more people of various ages who want to practice surfing as it’s a very good sport that gives happiness and relaxation. Besides Surfing, Juan likes Skimboarding and Skateboarding.

Last but not least, Juan would like to thank his mother Karol, his father Tony, his brother Matheus for never giving up on him and always motivating him in surfing.

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